Scheme Norms For Food Premises(SCH-3)

The followings items must be given attention for inspection purpose.

  • Suspicious source of ingredients such as raw materials, processed materials or additives must be proven by a Halal certificate from a recognized Islamic Body.
  • Preparation and hanling of raw material and ingredients must meet halal standards, hygiene and safety as required.
  • Supply of chicken/duck or animals of the same kind must be sourced from a duely halal certified slaughter house.
  • Sales of alcohol and of the same kind is prohibited.
  • Tools and appliances must be cleaned every time before and after they are being used. They can only be used for Halal food cooking.
  • All tools and goods are arranged in a neat, clean and safe manner.
  • Every worker is encouraged to undergo Food serving and Halal training.
  • Safety and cleanliness measures must be complied with.
  • Storage of raw materials and finished product before or after the cooking must be maintained at satisfactory level in terms of cleanliness and safety.
  • There must be a separated storage for wet and dried raw materials and the raw materials must be properly arranged.
  • Transportation is used for Halal product only.
  • Everything which is related to the food handling (goods, stove, tools, storage, packaging) must be for Halal only