Halal Certification In India

India is known for its wide variety of religions. People from every major religion can be found. One such religion is Islam. Islam is the second biggest religion in India. Almost every state of India has Muslims in very big numbers. As per Muslim culture, food consumed should be Halal. Halal is an Islamic term which means lawful, permissible, and legal.

Halal foods are those which are found pure and legal. So, how to know which foods are halal and which are not. In Islam, it is mentioned that swine meat, meat from dead animals, wine, slaughter animals without mentioning Allah’s name intentionally, etc. When you are having your feast at your home, control over these norms is easy but when you are dining outside it is almost impossible to know whether the food is halal or not.

Today, people try different cuisine in various restaurants inside and outside the city. People travel to other cities for vacation, job, business, etc and they have to take food from outside. In such a case to authenticate whether food is Halal or not, a non-profit organization like JamatUlama-I-Hind Halal Trust provides Halal certificate to restaurants, hotels, airlines, hospitals, and food processing units. Halal trust certificate is recognized by many countries like Malaysia, America, South Africa, Gulf countries, Australia and many more countries.

Halal certificate not only authenticates that food is pure but it has been prepared as per Islamic norms. We conduct an audit to check that the requested firm is complying with all norms as per lay down to get the halal certificate. Halal certificate is not only helpful for consumers but also helpful for traders. If a person wants to conduct business with Muslim countries, this certificate authenticates that their products are Halal and can be consumed without any worry. We have branches all most in every major city of India. You can visit us or can apply online through our website. After completing all the processes, you can extend your business reach.

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