Scheme for Abattoirs (SCH-2)

Reference documents (GSO 2055-1, GSO 993)

1. GCC Countries

2. UAE


4. MUI


Certification process

Scheme for Abattoir/Perishable Animal Product(SCH-2)

Including fish/seafood/poultry/eggs/dairy/meat processing

(Applicable Category code C as per GSO 2055-2:2015)

Standard Halal Slaughtering Norms

  • The production process and the product must comply with general requirement of GSO 2055-1:2055 GSO 993:2015
  • The organization must comply with specific hygiene requirement for Category C (as per GSO/CAC/RCP 58) in addition to GSO 1694 These norms for Islamic way of slaughtering of animals, handling and preparation must be compulsorily observed at all establishments involved in the processing of Halal food.
  • Halal food and drinks are considered najis if they are contaminated or have direct contact with things that are not permitted by Islam. Under no circumstances najis (Unclean) such as pigs or dogs and their products are allowed inside the plant. Pigs and their products must never enter the plant's boundaries.
  • The slaughtering of Halal animals must be separated from non-Halal animals. The slaughtering area must be clean, hygienic and sanitized.
  • The meat of the animals to be slaughtered must be eatable by Muslims (eg. pork is not eatable). The animals must be alive at the time of slaughter. Slaughtering must be for the sake of Allah only and not for other purposes e.g. for ritual offerings.

The Halal slaughter man must

  • Be a Muslim; who is of sound mind, mature, and fully understands the Islamic procedure and conditions for slaughtering of animals.
  • Be authorized and be under the supervision of a certified Islamic organization.
  • Slaughter the animal according to Islamic rite including recitation of Bismillah Allahu-Akbar before slaughtering each animal.
  • Ensure that animal is well-fed and watered.
  • Ensure that knife is sharp and clean.
  • The act of Halal slaughter should begin with an incision on the neck at some point just before the glottis (Adam's Apple) for animals with normal necks but after the glottis for animals with long necks such as chicken, geese, turkeys, ostriches, camels etc.
  • The phrase "Bismillah Allahu-Akbar." (In the Name of Allah) must be immediately invoked before the slaughter of each animal.
  • The slaughtering must sever the trachea, oesophagus and jugular vein. The spinal cord should not be cut and the head is not to be severed completely. This is to bring about immediate and massive haemorrhage and satisfactory/adequate bleeding.
  • Slaughtering must be done only once. The 'sawing action' of the slaughtering is permitted as long as the slaughtering implement is not lifted off the animal during the slaughtering. Any lifting of the knife is considered as the end of one act of slaughter. Multiple acts of slaughter on one animal are not allowed.
  • Bleeding must be spontaneous and adequate/satisfactory. Indications of death at the time of ritual slaughter include the absence of blood pulsing from the cut ends of the carotid arteries, absence of capillary refill and bleed out within the normal time. (minimum 8 minutes)
  • Dressing of carcasses should only commence after ascertaining that the animal is dead.
  • Slaughtering implements, tools and utensils must be utilized only for the slaughter of Halal animals.
  • The organization must comply with the animal slaughtering requirements according to Islamic rules GSO 993:2015).
  • The animal must be on Halal Feed, if not sure the birds should be kept and fed Halal feed for at least 3 days.

Manual Slaughtering of Poultry

  • Chicken birds should be live & healthy before slaughter.
  • Slaughterer should recite 'BISMILLAH ALLAHU-AKBAR' before slaughtering each bird with his own hands.
  • The throat, the esophagus and major blood vessel in the neck region (jugular vein and carotid artery) of the poultry must be severed.
  • The bleeding period (time between slaughter and going in the scalding) should not be less than 180sec (3minutes). (as per GSO 993)
  • Each bird must be checked that it is properly slaughtered and only dead birds are subsequently sent for scalding.
  • The bird should be 'STILL' (cool & calm) before going into the water bath. Scalding Temperature-water bath temperature-maximum up to 64°C. (i) Scalding time (the bird in the hot water) - maximum up to 100 seconds. (ii) Scalding Temperature and Scalding Time are inversely proportionate.
  • Hygiene in processing area needs to be taken care. (as per GSO RCP 58)
  • Production area specially processing area should to be disinfected periodically and regularly.
  • All the machinery coming in contact with stuff should be regularly cleaned with appropriate disinfectant.
  • Workers need to be made aware of hygiene operation. Gloves, boots (shoes) and hand disinfectants should be provided.
  • Knife and other utensils should be sterilized with hot water (approximate 82°C).
  • The hot water should be replaced periodically.
  • Final chicken should be free from pathogenic microbes like Salmonella, E.Coli and staphylococci etc.
  • The birds must be on Halal Feed, if not sure the birds should be kept and fed Halal feed for at least 3 days.

Assurance of Observance of Halal Slaughtering Norms

  • Every premise engaged in Halal slaughter or processing must display valid Registration certificate issued by Halal supervising authority / JUHHT.
  • All the slaughterhouses/processing meat plants have to employ at their cost qualified and trained full time Halal supervisor(s) in consultation and with approval of Halal supervising authority / JUHHT. Such supervisors shall be provided with identity cards of the Halal supervising authority / JUHHT and will be responsible for physical verification of observance of Halal process. On the basis of their verification only Halal certificate can be issued. The number of supervisors and working hours shall be determined keeping in view the volumes.
  • Slaughter men engaged for Halal slaughter shall be examined by the Halal Supervisors for their fitness to carry out Halal slaughter. They also will be provided with I. Cards by Halal supervising authority / JUHHT which they must display on their person.