Scheme For Product Manufacturer (SCH-1)

Reference documents (GSO 2055-1:2015, GSO 993:2015, UAE.S 2055-4:2015, MS 1500:2009)

1. GCC Countries

2. UAE


4. MUI


(Applicable Category code D, E, L, M, N as per GSO 2055-2:2015)

  • The production process and the product must comply with general requirement of GSO 2055-1:2055
  • The company must handle, supervise and process Halal product only at the manufacturing site. (as per GSO 2055-1:2015)
  • The contents of raw material, processed product or additives must be Halal. The items must be similar as per the list mentioned in the application form.
  • The surrounding area must be clean and not be contaminated. Cleaning schedules must be proper and systematic.
  • During production process, tools must be properly identifiable, organized and the place must be kept safe.
  • No third party contract manufacturing, except for Halal product only.
  • Packaging materials must not be made of substances which are considered as najis (filthy) by Islamic Laws and harmful to health.
  • Packaging process must be handled hygienically in a perfect sanitation condition (as per GSO 1694).
  • Every packaging must be clearly printed/labelled (asper GSO 9)for easy reading, long lasting and the following information must be included.
    • Name and/or product brand (as stated in Halal certificate)
    • Ingredients quantity to be mentioned in Metric system
    • List of ingredients
    • Name and address of manufacturer and / or distributor and trade mark.
    • Halal certification documents/declaration for third party ingredients if used in manufacturing.
  • The equipment used must be free from anything which is considered as najis (filthy) by Islamic Laws, not harmful and not making any side effect to the product.
  • The factory area must be fenced or the organization/client may have a control system which can avoid animals from entering the premise.
  • Maximum limit for residues of ethyl alcohol(Ethanol) in food (as per GSO 2538)
  • Extraction solvent and it’s residue limits in the production food stuffs and ingredients (as per GSO 2359)